‘They need each other’- A close friend on William and Kate

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W/K official portraits <3

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Words can’t explain how much I love them. 


I love your smile sweetie &lt;3


I love your smile sweetie <3

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William and Kate’s skate Date. December 7, 2007.

Wills, 25, paid £12.50 for two tickets for 45 minutes’ skating at London’s posh Somerset House rink on Thursday. The smitten pair skated to classical music in front of 200 others - and held hands at one point as they glided across the ice.

A source said: “It was very romantic and they seemed keen to keep to it very low key. ”They danced for about an hour and both of them seemed pretty good at it. They’d obviously done it before.

“A few people on the rink looked a bit surprised to see the future King of England skating alongside them. ”One couple nearly fell over as they tried to get a better look.”

The source added: “You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to take a girl ice-skating. ”It’s a stunning venue in the day, but at night it’s lit up and the rink is surrounded by flaming torches.

“There’s a huge Christmas tree overlooking the ice and the whole experience is mind-blowing. It’s incredibly impressive. ”Wills clearly knows the way to melt a girl’s heart.”

Source: The Sun. 

I think this is cute <3

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Kate has very kindly baked cakes for the boys but unfortunately I wasn’t on shift when they were made. So I’m hoping she’ll come and make us some more. Apparently they were pretty good.
Thomas Bunn, one of Prince William’s colleagues at RAF Valley (Royal Wedding:Veiled Story of Kate & William)

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